Medialab is a semi–annual art educational program created in 2007. The program provides free art education for young artists and artistic youth.

The program aims at contributing to the students’ acquisition of technical and theoretical knowledge. It provides opportunities for artistic experience and the formation of individual artistic style and critical thinking, to young artists aged between 15 and 25. In addition to  the semi-annual program, students are also invited to apply for individual workshops.

The program consists of a series of workshops conducted by leading professionals from the respective spheres. Medialab aims to become an example of alternative education in the post–soviet educational environment.

Medialab provides the opportunity to learn about local and international artists and different art institutions. Thus, Medialab fills the gap of art education in Armenia.

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To find out more, you can register for Medialab news and information about individual courses here. You can also download the 2015–2016 info package and visit our Facebook page.

From 2007 to 2016 the Medialab project was conducted within NGO.

For cooperation please contact the program coordinator.

The project is currently experiencing financial difficulties and needs YOUR SUPPORT to go on and grow. Find out how you can be helpful to the project and invest into the Arts Education in Armenia.