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MEDIALAB is a FREE arts educational project for young artists and artistic youth that is being run by FOCUS Art NGO in Yerevan, Armenia since 2007. It is an open studio that aims at contributing to the students’ acquisition of technical and theoretical knowledge, development of critical thinking skills and individual artistic style. What’s more, it is an opportunity for artistic youth to develop individual projects, get free consultancy and technical support, become a part of artistic network and establish new collaborations in the field.

It is a semester-long educational project consisting of 10 theoretical and practical workshops, conducted by leading young professionals of the respective spheres, supplemented and enriched by number of side events, such as workshops by guest artists and experts, exhibitions, institutional visits, etc.

In a nutshell: MEDIALAB is a unique example of successful alternative education in the post–soviet educational environment, which fills the gap of a contemporary art education in Armenia.


Our Achievements

since 10 years we have managed to

  • constantly expand and elaborate our list of workshops, most of which are not available in any other art educational institution in Armenia;
  • build up a good reputation and occupy a significant role in the field of art education in Armenia;
  • develop a big network of local and international partners, among them the expanding list of best young specialists and instructors, experts and consultants, partner institutions, etc.;
  • create a technically equipped workshop and laboratory, together with a professional library,  thus providing our students with all the necessary resources and environment for their professional growth;
  • reach a high competitiveness typically receiving 10 applications per place – among them students and alumni from all types of artistic and cultural institutions.
  • get our students involved and established in arts field of Armenia, by creating artistic groups and institutions, becoming employees and members of different art institutions, developing individual projects, etc..
    and many more

Future Plans

The raising demand in MEDIALAB makes us grow and take following steps to reach project sustainability:
  • acquire permanent space for project and make it more comfortable and accessible for larger number of students;
  • to develop textbooks in Armenian, obtain more professional literature and make translations of important articles and books of the respective fields;
  • expand the project scope and geography by reaching different Armenian regions while keeping the principles of free education;
  • enlarge our local and international networks and collaborative programs and projects;
  • establish an Alternative Arts Educational School in Armenia.
Why Support MEDIALAB?
  • If you believe in free alternative art education in New Armenia
  • If you would like to contribute to the modernization of Armenian society and artistic youth
    then Medialab is the platform where your support would have a far-reaching effect helping to build a new future.

Being a non profit initiative, we rely on your donation to keep the project running and expanding.

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